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NASCAR Is Sending One Of Their Jet Dryers To Help Finish The I-95 Rebuild In Philadelphia, Which Is Incredibly Rad

Philadelphia has always been the greatest sports town in America. You've got the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. You have the Philadelphia Union in the MLS, the Philadelphia Wings in the NLL. There used to be the Philadelphia Spinners in the major league ultimate frisbee. There's a professional video game team called the Fusion. There used to be a professional roller hockey team, a professional indoor soccer team, the Philadelphia Soul were 3x Arena Bowl champs. Merion has hosted multiple US Opens, and Aronimink is hosting the 2026 PGA Championship. 

The moral of the story here is that Philadelphia is an every sport city. And now we're officially a NASCAR town with them sending their Jet Dryer down to help finish off the I-95 bridge in case there's any rain to deal with this weekend. 

From this moment moving forward, I'm going to watch every single NASCAR race and I'll strictly be rooting for rain every time. No offense but I couldn't possibly care less about who wins the races. I just want a torrential downpour so I can root for the Jet Dryer to come around and dry that shit up like the absolute beast that it is. Some folks pop on the race to cheer for Chase Elliott, but I'm riding with whoever is ripping down the track in the Jet Dryer. That shit is bad ass. 

But if we're getting NASCAR involved here, let's not stop with just the Jet Dryer. Don't get me wrong, it's a great gesture and everything. But give us a pit crew for the first few months of this thing being reopened. You never know where a random pot hole is going to open up in Philly and completely fuck your tire. Give us one of the pace cars, too. Have you ever seen the way that some folks drive around here? Flying in and out of lanes like absolute lunatics. And it's like those bastards have never even heard of a turn signal before. 

Anyway, here's to hoping for a little bit of rain to rip through the area today. We need to see this puppy in action.