Dana White Says Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Are Both "Absolutely Dead Serious" About Fighting Each Other


Could it be?! The Battle of the Billionaires is real?! The Tech Titan Tussle is upon us?!

If you're not caught up on the fight, read this….

Great blog by Will Burge.

It's a ridiculous pipe-dream nerd fight - but it's kinda fun to hypothesize about, nonetheless. 

I'm taking Zuck via submission in about 3 minutes due to all the jiu-jitsu experience he's been flaunting as of late….

Elon's size and strength advantage will allow him to fight off the hands of Zuck for a little bit, but there's no way he has the cardio or the technique to survive the exchanges on the ground beyond a round. Unless he shows up in a Lex Luthor-esque mech suit….

Don't get me wrong - Zuckerberg ain't the next Khabib, but he is, at the very least, WAY better than your average jo-blo when it comes to jiu-jitsu at this point. He's training constantly with killers and advancing through tournaments and all that, but I digress.

Dana White came out today and said that he reached out to both parties, and they're "absolutely dead serious" about the fight, and that he thinks it'd do triple the buys that Mayweather/McGregor did as well!

I'm not necessarily holding my breath after this TMZ interview with Uncle Dana, but this is at least promising news if you want them to fight, right?! I mean - look at these quotes!


I think Zuck's definitely dead serious about it (because he'll definitely win - why wouldn't he be?) but could Elon's ego be big enough for him to feel like a wimp for turning down a fight he started! One could only hope.

This feels a bit like when Justin Bieber wanted to fight Tom Cruise in the UFC. Remember that?

Obviously we're talking about vastly different people in the potential fights there, but both "dream" bouts captivated the internet in a ridiculous way, and Dana was all about that too. Just a random thought.

Do I think we're gonna get this in the headliner of UFC 295 this year? No. 

Do I think it'll EVER happen? No, probably not. 

It's a funny visual to think about tho. Imagine this squad calling that fight?!

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