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The NBA Draft Is Straight Up Stealing From 'The Real World' And Adding A Confessional Camera Tonight So The Players Can Talk From The Heart

[Source] - While much of the night’s discussion will be about Wembanyama, ESPN intends to try and find ways to bring attention to the many other prospects who are about to become NBA stars. Along with the usual profile and interviews, they’re introducing a new confessional camera feature right out of The Real World.

“They will talk from the heart about their emotions of being drafted or give unique aspects to get to know them,” ESPN’s Mike Schiffman, the Senior Vice President of Productions, said on a Wednesday media call. “It’s not stuff that was put on tape a couple of weeks ago. It’s live and in the moment and I think it adds to our humanization and personalization of the players for both broadcasts.”

I don't blame the NBA Draft here. The Real World, specifically The Challenge, is the greatest reality show on television. Why not use what they are known for? But we need this to be a true confessional booth. I want one of the Thompson twins to make fun of the other one when they are drafted first. I want guys to talk shit. I want it to be The Challenge through and through. Shit, leak about how you're going to demand a trade in two years because you got drafted by the Wizards or something. 

I'm still not sure how this will exactly work, we get interviews right after they get picked the majority of time already. But I do know this needs to be a booth. Can't just have a camera. Need them to sit in here like Bananas plotting. I don't know why we need this exactly, but you throw out the words Real World at me and you draw my attention in even more. 

In fact, I'd say don't make this for the people getting drafted. Oh no. I want the front office guys in the confessional. I want MJ just sitting there with a cigar talking about how he doesn't care. I want Leon Rose in there laughing about how he's going to trade to get into the draft. That would be a million times more entertaining than the players. Just institute a rule that other teams can't watch or they get docked a pick. Give it to the viewers. I don't need to hear the analysts talk about 'wingspan' or 'hand size'. Make it a true reality show.