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Power Move: Ilkay Gundogan's Wife Reportedly Convinced Him To Leave Man City For Barcelona Because She Hated Living In Manchester

[Source] - Gundogan was offered a one-year-deal to remain at the Etihad, but turned it down in favour of a move to the Catalan giants.

The midfielder and his representatives are said to have held talks after he recently finished international duty with Germany.

talkSPORT understand finances are not a problem, and the players decision is purely based on around his family.

This makes a lot more sense when you remember this story: 

[Source] - The Spanish cuisine might just be more to the taste of the mum of one, who only last year hit out at Manchester eateries with a brutal assessment sent out to her Instagram following of more than half a million.

She claimed that "horrible food" is served everywhere in Manchester - and that she can't find a real Italian anywhere.

Hey, I get it. Do you know how good Italian food is? It's the best. Plus if you are living in Manchester and can't find good food anywhere, that's miserable. You gotta be able to find a couple favorite restaurants and always have that in your back pocket. 

And it's not like Ilkay had more to prove at Man City. Dude just won the treble. He was incredibly successful. Why not move on and play at Barcelona? Not like that's a no name team. Pretty good history there! Plus the last thing you want is your wife to continue to be miserable. You don't want to deal with that for another year especially when you have an out with the contract. 

I know people will shit on Cincinnati, but there's actually decent food here outside of Skyline. Not elite food, but there's enough good restaurants to make you happy. That's the key to living somewhere. I can't imagine just staring at my phone having no idea what to order or wandering around passing places having zero desire to go in. So if your wife says it's time to leave for Barcelona, your hands are sort of tied here.