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The Wizards Waiting A Year After Wemby To Tank Is the Smartest Move An NBA Franchise Has Ever Made


Boom. There it is. No need to even waste time with a build up to the punchline, mostly because there is no punchline. All these teams were tanking last year trying to get Wemby like god damn idiots. When was the last time a 8'9 giraffe of a human who can hide behind a grain of rice panned out? Never. 

Trading Rui, Beal, KP, and losing Kuzma...all basically for zero return?That's why the Wizards are the smartest god damn team on the planet.

When it comes down to it, Victor Wembanyama isn't a sure thing. But you know who is? LeBron James. You know who is eligible for the draft next years? Bronny James. You know who wants to play a season with Bronny? LeBron. It all makes sense. It fits together perfectly. You trade all your pieces this offseason, start me at center and let Ovi coach, go 0-82, and draft Bronny and sign LeBron for the vet minimum. That's how you properly kick off a rebuild. It's so genius I don't know why we didn't realize this sooner. 

And it would be extra fitting if LeBron retired in DC just like the 2nd best player of all time


Glenn James. Getty Images.



All in all, just a brilliant move.