Mike Trout Asked Mookie Betts During The WBC If That’s What The Playoffs Feel Like

Holy shot, this is unbelievably depressing. I saw a tweet quoting Mike Trout as having said this and I didn't even believe it was real. This is a different level of sad.

I guess it's a pretty fair question to ask, though, when you've played three career playoff games in 12 seasons and have one postseason hit to show for it. I don't want it to happen, but Trout ending his career with one base hit in the playoffs would be one of the most insane stats in the history of sports. This guy has a .994 career OPS and fewer postseason hits than Jose Constanza.

Again, I hope he changes this in the very near future, but no rational person can have Trout even in the GOAT discussion with three playoff games under his belt. I understand it's a team game and all that, but your GOAT simply cannot be asking a contemporary of his if the World Baseball Classic is what playing in the postseason feels like. Even if that question creeps into your mind, you do not under any circumstances verbalize it to someone else.

I'd love to see Trout get a ring someday. Or maybe just get to a World Series. Or an ALCS for that matter. Hell, just win one playoff game. Baby steps.