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The Celtics Pursuit Of Kristaps Porzingis Has Fallen Completely Off The Rails

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Before we get into this, I have to set the record straight. I'm about 30% responsible for that Woj tweet. I know, you may be wondering how on earth a random blogger with zero sources and zero connections and really zero overall influence could play such a huge role in killing the massive three team deal that every NBA reporter with actual sources basically said was a done deal.

I'll tell you how. The power of the blog.

You see, I've been doing this long enough to where there are certain things you just can't mess with. I learned very early that whenever the Celts were in a big game, I never pre-blogged anything before the final buzzer. That my friends, is the kiss of death. It's the ultimate jinx. The blogging Gods do not take kindly for it.

Fast forward to today, and all the news breaks. Tensions are high in the blogging station. Every two seconds is another update. I mean even Himmelsbach gave us this

and that comes directly from the source. After writing the initial blog once the news broke, as soon as I saw that Himmelsbach tweet I did this

I had the level of mental toughness we saw the Celts play with in the final 3 minutes of a close game against the Heat. I dunno why I created that draft. There's no words in it, I just created it under the impression that the final Woj bomb was coming any second. Instead, we got that first update. The 3 teamer is dead.

Hand up, 30% of that is on me. I can own that and you have my assurance that I will never do it again.

But then, just as I was ready to take my L and accept the fact that I screwed my favorite team out of a player that definitely could help, Woj hit us again

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As it turns out, it wasn't me! It was Brogdon's injury issues!

OK, so that's not exactly great either but let's stay focused here and worry about one thing at a time. From the looks of things, the Porzingis deal is not dead. How on earth Brad convinces the Wizards to take on Brogdon's deal when he has 2 more guaranteed years left seems impossible. Why would they do that? Now you need another team who might need a point guard. Is there a way to loop this into the Beal deal somehow with PHX? Is anyone else in the market for a $22.5M point guard? 

I feel like once things get to this point and guys are pretty much driven to Logan, coming back from that isn't exactly an ideal spot. Sure it's a business, but still. My guess is if Brad wants to pull this off it'll probably require him to overpay in some way now that there isn't a landing spot for Brogdan. Maybe that's a pick swap, maybe that's a 2nd round pick, maybe that's a different combination of players, either way, if it's his guy that was the issue that killed the deal, that comes with an overpay I would imagine. 

With only a handful of hours to go until Porzingis' deadline, I would pay ANYTHING for a live feed into Brad's office. This is the content we all need to see. You would have to hope that every front office has a Plan A, B, C, D, E, F for these types of things, especially complicated 3-way trades. Brad Stevens and Mike Zarren don't exactly come off as unprepared individuals.

This is all what makes this time so awesome and so terrifying if it's your favorite team involved. Every time my phone vibrates I have a heart attack. Every time I see it's a Woj tweet and "Boston Celtics" at the start my soul immediately leaves my body. Can Brad pull it off? Is this going to be his first failed massive trade? 

We're going to know soon enough.