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This TikToker Thinks He Has Found The Missing Submarine Using A Shark Tracking App

Social media was made for moments like this. Everybody and their mother wants to have a theory on this submarine. If TikTok had been around when the Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared into thin air, the content would have been unbelievable.

This TikToker explains that he thinks this free online shark tracker — do people just go on this in their free time normally? — may actually show where the missing submarine is.

Now, my understanding of this entire situation is as surface level as it gets, but as he explains in the video, the ping on the app comes from almost exactly where the Titanic sank. Uhhhh … was that not the first place the rescuers checked? Again, I don't understand how any of this works, but I would assume the Titanic wreckage site was where the search for the submarine touring the Titanic wreckage would have started. Again, that's just my brain.

Commenters on this video have said they've gone to the app and the pings from the two sharks mentioned have been removed. This guy may have actually gotten a little too close to the truth with this one.

I have no idea how much or how little validity this theory has to it, but it certainly seems like it's worth looking into at this juncture.