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HOLY SHIT: The Celtics Are Trading Marcus Smart To Pull Off The Kristaps Porzingis Deal

Nick Grace. Getty Images.


This has to be the craziest last few hours of my entire Celtics fandom. Think of what we just went through. One second, a 3 team trade for Porzingis was in the final stages. Then, it was dead. Then that trade was dead but the Porzingis trade was still alive via a different path.

Then we waited. Brad had to salvage this trade in about 1.5 hours before the player option deadline at midnight. We got to around the 5 mintue mark and boom. Woj bomb. Porzingis was a Celtic.

Whenever we get a tweet like that and it doesn't mention the package, I get nervous. Shit, I even tweeted it.

Then we learned that Tyus Jones and the Grizzlies were involved, and that made me nervous. He's really good, and I just didn't think Brogdon would be enough. Seconds later, boom. My biggest fear of all was suddenly a reality.

Marcus Smart was traded.

I can't believe I even typed that sentence. It doesn't even feel real. I have to be honest, I like this trade a whole lot less I'll tell you that! I'll give Brad the benefit of doubt and see what else he has up his sleeve, but this is a MASSIVE trade. Just a few days after saying how he loved the core and was focused on that, I guess this was Brad's way of saying either Marcus wasn't part of his core or things can change quickly. Either way, Smart's Celtics tenure is over after 9 seasons. You know who I blame for this? The Clippers. What assholes. Oh so Malcolm Brogdon has sketchy health? So what. Grow up Peter Pan. Now look at what's happened. 

To be honest, I'm probably going to need a little time to digest all this, so let's just take a look at what we know as of now.

The Celtics are losing their best playmaker and most versatile perimeter defender in this deal. That is not up for debate. They also lose a guard who was signed for at least 3 more seasons, now relying on Derrick White and a 30 year old Brogdon who they most likely are not re-signing once his deal is up given that he'll be 32+. Given that he comes with his own injury concerns and you're adding someone in Porzingis who has injury concerns while also employing Robert Williams who has injury concerns, you can understand why this might be an issue. 

My only thought is what on earth are they about to flip those two picks for because this is not exactly a roster that needs young rookies. They need win now talent, and now have a point guard need, and a pretty big one at that. We just saw what life was like defensively for Brogdon in the playoffs, and that's an issue. It's a little weird that a team that wanted to get back to their defensive identity just traded their most versatile defender, so my gut says there has to be more. At least I'm praying there has to be more.

While I'm sure there are some out there that are THRILLED that Smart is finally traded, and I guess now we'll finally get the answer to the big question of whether or not the Celts needed to trade Smart to get over the hump and win a title. Brad put his nuts on the table and showed the world he's not afraid of making a huge franchise altering trade, because that is what this is.

We'll talk more tomorrow. I need several minutes to try and comprehend what the hell just happened.