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The Celtics Appear To Be In "Strong Talks" About Trading For Kristaps Porzingis

Stephen Gosling. Getty Images.

Well this is certainly interesting. The timing of this report makes sense because Porzingis has a deadline of today (6/21) to decide what he's going to do with his $36M player option. Remember, if he were to turn it down and then be moved in a S&T, you run the risk of being hard capped. If the Wizards wanted to move Porzingis, it might be easier if he opts in and just enters the last year of his guaranteed deal. At that point, you just need to make the money work and find an asset return that works for both sides.

Let's have a look at his deal as it stands now

OK, so how could the Celts get to $36M, knowing that the Wizards aren't really looking to bring on a ton of future money after what they just pulled off with the CP3/Beal trade.

As an expiring player, that obviously impacts the price of what Brad would most likely be willing to send out. You're not giving up major pieces for a player that could leave next summer for nothing. The easiest way on paper is probably some sort of package around players like Brogdon/Gallo/Pritchard plus whatever picks it takes. From a money standpoint, that works

OK, so now the big question. Why does WSH do this? For starters, Brogdon has just this year and next year on his current deal, and is less expensive than someone like CP3. Pritchard gives them a cost controlled asset at a position of need, and Gallo is an expiring. If the goal of the Wizards is to clear their books, this is a decent way to do that. 

In terms of why the Celts would be interested, from a player type standpoint Porzingis addresses an area of need. A stretch center who can protect the rim and fits a style of play the Celts use. He had the best year of his career this past season, and really the only issue here is health. If someone like Rob isn't included in a deal like this, you're banking on two injury risks along with an aging Al Horford as your frontcourt. As with everything, if the price is right you take that risk I guess, especially when you need to start thinking about a post Al Horford world.

There's also the old Celtics mantra of if we're hearing about it, it's probably bullshit. That's usually how things worked with Ainge, and any sort of big trade Brad has ever pulled off we had zero leaks. That man usually moves in silence, so the fact that we're hearing about it makes me a little suspicious. 

Annnd literally as I type this blog, Shams hit us with the follow up

OK, now this makes even more sense since Mook is an expiring deal this year and he's already complaining about not playing enough. He's surely going to get more minutes on a rebuilding Wizards team. This might be one of those trades where everyone gets something they want.

The Clippers get a starting caliber PG who is under contract

The Wizards get an expiring and don't have to lose Porzingis for nothing

The Celts get additional frontcourt help that fits their style of play and doesn't command long term money

We knew Brad was going to be up to something this summer while not gutting his core, and this is something that fits the bill. It's sort of an "all in" type move without having to give up a core piece, which is exciting. The injury risk is a big one, but I can understand why the Celts might be open to taking it given the cost. 

As always, we just need to trust Brad. The man delivers time and time again when it comes to trades, and this has the potential to be another one to add to the list of it actually happens.