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Update From The First Ever European Sex Championship - A Bunch Of Competitors Apparently Left After Not Being Paid For The Event

You may remember this story from a couple weeks ago: 

Great idea! Starting a sex league, getting people from all over the world to compete and declare winners. Proof you can make anything a competition, which is something I appreciate. Every single thing should have a winner and loser, no middle ground. Well, we got the European Sex Championships and shockingly it's a disaster: 

[Source] - "The project was a great idea but extremely unprofessionally organised.

"Lying, manipulating, no one got paid for the work they've done. "Of course we all left."

Female entrants thought they would cash in £690 for every day they stayed in the steamy pad, while men were due to receive £345-per-day.

Dangling in front of them was a cool £860,000 of hard cash promised for the winner.

But contestants left the house over claims that organisers, Dragan Bratic and The Swedish Sex Federation had failed to pay them.

However, Bratic claimed many of the competitors "ignored the rules."

Can't have that, we're trying to grow the sport here. If you promise to pay someone for competing in the European Sex Championships, you gotta pay them. There can't be that many rules. Seems like the standard excuse in a situation like this. You have to pay what you owe so we can start talking about a dynasty run in the event. 

This all comes from Anna Joy, one of the competitors: 

That said, there was apparently a winner and she's going to the World Sex Championships (apparently that's a thing): 

Translating that winning post from 2 hours ago it says this: 

That's how it ended, I was declared European Champion, although I only had one performance, you gave me enough points to win the first place in the championship. Thank you again to everyone who has supported me in a really big number and voted for me from the beginning. As far as the organization is concerned, I can only say that mistakes are made and I believe in future projects. I got information from the Swedish Sexual Federation that the competitions are going on as planned, Asian, African, American, and some others. 2024 is coming the grand finale of the World Cup in which I enter directly as the winner of the European Championship.
So here's hoping to experience that "group of death" at the World Cup

One performance and you win? Yikes. Something seems fishy here, but Marija seems to be ready to compete at the World Cup. No word on how they do that or how it's organized, but she's ready to compete. That's what competitors do no matter the sport I guess. 

I'm starting to think this might be more of a sport than I gave it credit for. You have contract disputes, a winner, a fight about what's really going on. Hell, it sounds like Antonio Brown's Arena Football team. Anyways, this is your update from the European Sex Championships. Apparently there will be a World Cup for it all.