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Michael Jordan Will Reportedly Have The Final Say Of Who The Hornets Pick At 2 Even Though He Has Already Agreed To Sell The Team

Surely this can't be a bad decision right? The second best player of all time on his way out of a franchise that he's already failed pretty miserably at rebuilding gets one more stab at it with one foot already out the door? Respect for turning $270 million with no championships, only two first round playoff appearances, and only 3 total playoff wins in 13 years into $3 billion, but don't let this man pick a potential franchise changing player as his last dance. No one better you want drafting in an incredibly pivotal turnaround point with an already young roster with potential than the guy who drafted Cody Zeller, Noah Vonleh, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Adam Morrison, and Frank Kaminsky all in the top 10. Jordan may fuck around and draft Gradey Dick 2nd overall just because he can.

Some people aren't ready to hear this, but maybe Jordan just doesn't know ball. Woj reported this morning that the Hornets are prepared to take Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson, which is already a bad decision, but don't think Jordan won't say I got one more in me and reroute that last second to someone like Oscar Tshiebwe. He might have seen that Emoni Bates SI cover mag from when he was 15 touting him as the next Magic/Bron and fire away anyway.

I'm confident in saying you might as well have new part owner J Cole throw a dart and make the final decision over Mike. At least he hasn't missed yet. Scoot is the obvious choice at 2, so here's a highlight tape to wrap things up and I'll see you for the inevitable Hornets disaster class coming Thursday night: