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Pharrell's $1.8 Million Richard Mille Ferrari Watch Is The Ugliest Thing You'll See Today

Another day, another ugly watch that makes you question why some rich people have money. Last week it was LaMelo Ball's Bowser watch. This week Pharrell takes the cake. After some research, this new Richard Mille/Ferrari collab is the thinnest watch ever made and will only cost you a cool $1.88 million, or the price of 752 Brick Watches that were always earned. Here's what the description says:

Two sapphire crystals—one over the time display, with hour and minute hands integrated with the wheels, and the other over the regulating organ (balance and spring assembly) to showcase the beating movement—have also been minimized to a thickness of two-tenths of a millimeter.

Ferrari’s team weighed in on details, such as the fonts for the numbers, the style of the hands, the case material, and, of course, the laser-engraved stallion, which is so finely detailed that you can see its musculature under magnification. 

Tim Malachard, Richard Mille’s marketing director, noted the extensive testing the watch underwent to prove it can stand up to wear and tear. This included attaching 12-kilogram weights to the strap to make sure the slim case would not bend under stress. In fact, the strap, which has a titanium insert, also contributes to the watch’s rigidity.

I read that 200 times and still can't figure out what the fuck they're talking about. There's more engineering in this thing than most cars? Spending millions on a Wonder Woman wrist costume is insane. Zordon used to call the Power Rangers on this watch. It looks like Richard forgot to finish making this poor thing. But thank god they slapped a Ferrari logo on it all so you can squint to tell people the time. What happened to watches that were timeless and elegant? There's no longer a first of the month sale on Brick Watch Company (TM), so I can't shill you those this week, but we gotta stop before we keep going down the dark path of potential watch designs. 

I respect Pharrell as a designer and his catalog is deep, but Pusha T laughing him out the building as he's got 2 million on his wrist is much deserved. At the end of the day, Pharrell still runs Louis Vuitton's creative and he's worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so he's got the final laugh sporting the watch that looks like you could buy it off some sorority girl trying to make a few extra bucks on Etsy, and I'm bitterly blogging about it. Well played Pharrell.