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Give This Comedian An Award For Ripping His Landlord Over Minor Charges

NY Post- An Australian comic known for his savage take-downs of the real estate market has found himself on the receiving end of an outlandish fee from his landlord after an “ant infestation.”

Sydney comedian Tom Cashman and his two housemates had moved out of their apartment when they received an email from their real estate agent about deductions to their bond.

Performing at the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, Cashman revealed the agent had deducted $99 [Australian, $66 USD] after sending a pest controller to eradicate ants spotted in the kitchen and bathroom.

In the email, the real estate agent told Cashman and his roommates that it was the responsibility of the tenant to “treat or eradicate” ants and attached a copy of Fair Trading legislation.

I love this. Landlords are for the most part money hungry animals. Every turn they are looking to squeeze you for every nickel they can. First and last month + security deposit on demand when you look at a place. Fees for the building, fees for the property, fees for the broker, processing fees, etc. Everyone has their hand out, everyone is looking to get paid, and worst of all everyone is looking to stick it to the renter. It's a damn shame. 

I am all for this comedian dunking on these idiot landlords for their corrupt practices. When you think about it, this is a perfect interaction I'm sure we have all had. Something is wrong, the landlord knows it involves going into their own pocket to fix it, so they do everything they can to push it back to the renter. All time shitbag behavior. Meanwhile, the faucet has been crappy, there's a crack in the window, and a million other problems that renters have asked about or tried to get fixed and the landlord just keeps going "I'll have my guy look at it" and then he is "out of town" or "he has another job" etc . Landlord's don't give a fuck about your living conditions but the minute something gets out of place that hurts the next renter or the appeal of the apartment .. they want your head on a stick. 

Perfect example ... this interaction. The landlord here is trying to put an "ant infestation" on this guy ... um it's 4 ants and 4 ants in a NYC apartment is considered a luxury even on Park Place. 4 ants ? People would kill for 4 ants as their biggest problem. Cockroaches , exploding showers ... etc. 4 Ants is a good day. And the biggest bullshit in all of this is the price he comes up with ... $25 per ant ? Where on earth did you come up with that ? How can that possibly be justified. The exterminator charges per ant , or did this scumbag landlord think $99 was small enough that he could pocket it, and the renter wouldn't give too much pushback. Either way it's a shitty thing from the landlord, and this comedian's response is what we need more of. Push back on these fools.