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Bowling Scandal: Stephen F. Austin's Assistant Coach Had An Affair With A Player While His Wife Was The Head Coach And The Quotes He Gave To Defend Himself Will Blow You Away

I apologize for the long headline, but there's a lot to talk about in what seems like a weird enough story. Stephen F. Austin is apparently a POWER in the bowling world. We're talking a couple national championships and a runner-up spot in 2022. But that has nothing on the quotes and story above. 

In comes Steve Lemke, the assistant coach. Let me be more specific here. The assistant coach who just resigned because he had an affair with a player. That alone tends to be a big enough story in the college sports world to create some headlines. But, oh no, it's the quotes that really bring it home here. 

Let's start with the first one

Steve Lemke defended his actions and said the relationship was consensual but might have been “amplified to the magnitude that it is now because of the national championship caliber that we’ve developed. I think it’s more of an ethics thing when it comes to the college as far as a coach/teacher being with a student-athlete.”

Hey, is it Lemke's fault he was such a good assistant coach? Maybe if Stephen F. Austin wasn't a bowling school maybe people wouldn't care. Never heard that one before. They say winning cures everything, but apparently that's not the case in affairs. Well, maybe if Lemke's wife wasn't such a good coach considering she was/is the HEAD COACH. That's right folks. The affair goes deeper than just assistant coach got horned up with a player. The wife was the head coach.

That brings us to the next one: 

“I was the stay-at-home dad for five years with the kids while Amber got to go off and coach the team, and when she’d get back, I’d run practices on top of taking care of the kids while she was back,” Steve Lemke said. “When they’d travel again, I would sit back and take care of the kids. Then when I got hired on, she almost forced me to run practices. I was a volunteer the entire time before that trying to help out Amber. Once I got hired on, one thing stemmed from another. I felt like I was doing too much for what I was being valued at.”

The man said he was over-worked, not appreciated enough and goddamn sick of making chicken recipes 4 days a week at home. Oh you think just making him an assistant coach was easy and would fix anything? Think again. Amber (his wife) made him run practices. Way too much on his plate after 5 years at a stay-at-home dad. You gotta take care of kids AND manage a bowling practice? No thank you. 

So one thing stemmed from another. He says it himself. How is a man supposed to come up with different meals, take care of kids and not have an affair? It's impossible once you throw in practice. Impossible! But, hey, at least knew it was just kind of a 'no-no':

“I knew it was kind of a no-no, but there’s not a rule saying it can’t happen,” Steve Lemke said. “There’s not a law saying I’m going to go to jail for doing something like this. There’s nothing in stone. I guess it’s just an ethics code, like we frown upon it, but there’s no rule, there’s no law broken.”

There's no rules! He knew it was kind of a no-no but that appears to be a grey area for ole Steve. He took it as a go sign, like when the light is still yellow but you know it's turning red and you just gun it quick. That was Steve Lemke here. There's nothing in stone, there's no laws broken! That's a man who is willing to just talk and keep everything going off the rails. I respect the commitment to defending himself here by any means necessary. 

You may wonder how Amber caught Steve. Not shockingly it was a text message with a scandalous message: 

“It didn’t have anything in detail,” Steve Lemke said of the text. “It was just about how amazing I am, basically, in general perspective. Amber saw that and questioned me, and I got to the point where it just built up so much that I basically told her the truth after she dug through my phone.”

Yeah dude, I'd say it built up so much when your wife digs through your phone after a text message. When has that ever worked when someone is having an affair? At least you got told you were amazing. That's payoff for running practices and being a stay-at-home dad. 

Incredible all the way around. The man refused to just admit defeat. I still can't get over him going with the having to run practices as a reason for having an affair. That's a new one. Never thought we'd have a bowling scandal either. 

PS: Friends is a whatever show, but as everyone pointed out, he used basically the same lines as Ross: 

h/t Lufkin Daily News