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Kendrick Perkins Fell For A Twitter Meme On Live TV That Made Him Believe Jonathan Kuminga Grew From 6'7" to 7'2" Just This Summer

This is why the internet is amazing sometimes. Some people try their hardest to make it the absolute worst, but here is an example of the opposite. Kendrick Perkins goes on ESPN truly believing that Kuminga is now 7'2". Him believing that Kuminga grew 7 inches this summer made me laugh so much. 

He probably said it and went on with his life after the show, went home started scrolling twitter and then saw this clip. He just said "I am hearing" when all he did was read it on twitter. I feel like some analysts actually read their dms from crazy fans trying to get scoops. That's why they always say sources and not who because they are getting it from random twitter eggs. What an incredible win for us twitter users. Nothing better than messing with a media talking head and getting them to believe this trash. 

I heard just in the few minutes typing this blog that Kuminga is now 7'6" by the way.