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FINALLY: Woj Promises Not To Leak Picks During The NBA Draft This Year, The Way It Always Should Be

[Source] - For years, league insider Adrian Wojnarowski has dominated the NBA Draft, cleverly skirting rules against tipping picks with clever euphemisms like “fixated” and “zeroed in.” However, that tradition will end this year with Wojnarowski no longer tweeting picks, instead prioritizing “storytelling” and real-time trades.

“I’m not doing the picks this year,” Woj revealed during his recent appearance on The Ryen Russilo Show. “The pick-by-pick, I don’t think it has value anymore for me or ESPN.

I LOVE the NBA Draft. I can't really explain why, maybe it's just what I used to have to look forward to as a Knicks fan in the past. Maybe it's being a college hoops fan who loves to see the way it all works out for these guys and how teams value players. Maybe it's just because I want to fire off my own Draft takes. Either way, I love it. 

But you know what I fucking hate? Woj/Shams leaking picks. It's the worst. I'm not one to talk bad about social media or the modern age. There are plenty of good things. But the Draft is where I draw a line in the sand. We're literally watching the TV and I want to wait and see Adam Silver's goofy ass walk across stage and announce the pick. I don't want to be 3 picks ahead on Twitter because Shams and Woj are one-upping each other about who can get a pick out first. 

There was something about the old way. The people who had to tune in for the show, watch the bullshit talking between picks, guessing at who was going and then the dramatics of the announcement. If you missed a pick? Guess what pal? You better be locked into that bottom line and catch the scroll at the right time. It helped shape us as people who did this for snow days, scores of late night games, games not on TV, whatever. It's how it's supposed to be! 

This has actually been a debate for the last few years. ESPN bent the knee and let Woj do his thing. He used words like 'locking in' or 'zeroing in on' to work around the loophole. Well now it's time to make it fair. No leaks, no loopholes. Shams and Haynes should have to agree to this too. Oh and you can't say 'stay off Twitter' that's not how it works. We live in a society still.