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Desperate Times: WVU Had Joe Mazzulla And Mike Gansey Basically Beg The Current Players To Not Leave The Team After Bob Huggins Was Fired

I may have thrown in the begging part, but I'm not exaggerating the desperate times part. The WVU players were given a 30-day window by the NCAA to make their decision on whether or not they want to transfer again. There's no penalty if they decide to transfer because Huggins was fired. Good to see common sense won out here in the transfer decision. 

It also matters because WVU is bringing in arguably the best transfer class in the country, a group that includes Kerr Kriisa, Jesse Edwards, RaeQuan Battle, Jose Perez and Omar Silverio. Whoever becomes the interim coach, future head coach, whatever would have a roster that should make the NCAA Tournament this year. But here's my problem. Why the hell wouldn't WVU bring in the big guns? 

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

You bring in the GM of the Cavs, who granted, his baggy t-shirt is a WVU legend as well.

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

And then Joe Mazzulla? The guy who failed the Celtics? That's not going to be the best convincing. Gotta bring in Pittsnoggle. Maybe at least bring in a guy like Truck Bryant or Jevon Carter instead. I get it for WVU. You try to bring in NBA guys to talk to the players because that's their goal, right? Everyone wants to play in the NBA. 

But here comes the problem for WVU: 

Assistant coaches are sometimes as important as the head coach in terms of relationships. They are out there recruiting more than the head coach and dealing with the guys 1-on-1 on a more regular basis. Kelsey, Kennedy and even like a Jerrod Calhoun would all be good hires in the long run. They are guys who can coach their ass off. But if you lose this roster and have to start with bare bones, good luck in year 2. 

PS: Mike Gansey should just hop on that zoom and show them his game from the 2005 Tournament against Wake Forest. Remind them how good of a player you were.