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The Missing Titanic Submarine Story Is On Day 2 And It Grows More Worrisome By The Minute



BBC - A massive search and rescue operation is under way in the mid Atlantic after a tourist submarine went missing during a dive to Titanic's wreck on Sunday.

Contact with the small sub was lost about an hour and 45 minutes into its dive, the US Coast Guard said.

Tour firm OceanGate said all options were being explored to rescue the five people onboard.

He also said that two aircraft, a submarine and sonar buoys were involved in the search for the vessel but noted the area in which the search is taking place was "remote", making operations difficult.

He added that because the passengers were sealed inside the vessel by bolts applied from the outside, "There's no way to escape, even if you rise to the surface by yourself. You cannot get out of the sub without a crew on the outside letting you out."


Very, very sad stuff man. I want to remain hopeful but when you look at the information it doesn't seem too optimistic. Diving down that deep, having no contact with the outside world, and with no known way to find and rescue the submersible, you understand why the man up there was so sad just thinking about it. 

The OceanGate sub is basically experimental- like a start up…and I don't want to like, pour salt or be overly negative or pessimistic, but you see this video and it makes you wonder what is going on with this whole operation:



Dude. Like….what? They are using the KMart controller???



Very sad stuff. 

And in case it wasn't clear, it's not like they can get out. The pressure would kill you instantly, and even if they were to raise to the surface, they are trapped in there until the on-shore team was there to release them.



Maybe the radio/internet connection would come back if they were able to surface? That is best case scenario. They still have enough oxygen for a couple more days, so let's hope for a miracle.