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Who's The Asshole: The Person That Put Their Stinky Feet Under Someone's Seat On An Airplane Or The Person That Poured A Drink On The Stinky Feet?

Congratulations to the two people in this video, you are BOTH the asshole!

Now look, I know our boy Chief is notoriously on the side of being allowed to fly while wearing socks since its comfortable and not hurting anybody. And while I don't necessarily always agree with my pal (especially with some of his health-conscious draft picks on The Dog Walk), I understand where he is coming from. As long as your puppies are covered up by some socks, I have no problem with someone looking to get ease some stress by making fists with their toes to alleviate the stress since it's better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee.

HOWEVAH, if your puppies are stankin, you cannot be taking off your shoes and to be honest shouldn't even board the overcrowded tin can that has us all packed in dick-to-ass. We live in a society, whether it's on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air and you are offending at the very least the people in a 10 foot (read: 5 aisle radius) around you. I will admit that sliding your feet under the seat in front of you is a gray area for some people, but I have no problem with it since I occasionally deal with being cramped vertically on a planet along with always being cramped horizontally.

That being said, one of the worst things you can experience in life is wet socks, which clocks in right around the sudden death of a loved one. Being stuck with wet socks is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Hell, keeping your feet dry is Lt. Dan's number 1 rule in the trenches during the Vietnam War during Forrest Gump. Granted, that kinda feels like it serves as a cruel foreshadowing for the tragedy that strikes him later in the film. But the point remains. 

Dousing some dickheads feet with a drink in a plane simply ain't right, no matter how stinky their little piggies are, mostly because they will now likely take their suddenly socks off and subject even more of the plane to the funk residing between their toes. So while it may not have seemed like the case at first, I assure you both of these people are assholes.