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Fighters & Ring Girls Can Sign Up To Brawl NOW For Rough N' Rowdy 22 In Wheeling, WV

If you're looking to settle a feud or prove just how tough you are, head to to enter the next Rough N' Rowdy PPV on August 18th. It's gonna be a great return to Wheeling with some WV vs PA rivalries, a new batch of "undefeated" streetfighters, and the best news of all is 5 ROUND MAIN EVENTS. 

We finally got the West Virginia commission to approve 5 round brawls for our most intense matchups and there's already a few that stand out for RNR22... 

LIGHTS OUT vs MAKE IT HAPPEN light heavyweight title rematch

1 of our greatest champions ever, LIGHTS OUT, returns for redemption against someone who may be our most technically sound fighter ever, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Will we see another crimson mask in this one? Could there be a knockout in rounds 4 or 5? The only guarantee is this will be an absolute slobber knocker of fists & fury. 

CHERRY BOMB vs HOT WHEELZ women's middleweight title PT. III

If you're a fan of RNR you know these 2 names well and the fights they've had where it's seemingly 3 straight minutes of haymakers to the face. They haven't fought since RNR16 and HOT WHEELZ had to earn her way back to this title shot, winning multiple matchups and a #1 contender fight at RNR21. Meanwhile CHERRY BOMB is coming off a loss to VICKY D but went down a weight class for that fight. How much power does a farm girl have at full strength? We're gonna find out over 5 rounds on August 18th. 

There will be a few other returning favorites getting added to card over the next few weeks and trash talk promo will start in full after the July 4th break. Will definitely be seeing BLACK ITALIAN STALLION, DIAMOND HANDS, IRISH DAVE PORTNOY, ABEL BROTHERS, TRAILER PARK back in the mix along with some other surprises. If you want to jump headfirst into the chaos head to to get involved and tweeting @RoughNRowdy doesn't hurt either. SEE YOU IN AUGUST!