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Nightmare: A Plane Carrying A Brazilian Band Had Its Door Blown Open While Flying, Somehow Nobody Was Injured

Nope. Absolutely not. This is the true nightmare. Just sitting there and all of a sudden the emergency door busts open as you're 30,000 feet in the air? How the fuck is nobody freaking out? You can say you'd act cool and calm in this situation but zero chance when you look out and see you're above the clouds. I'd faint, scream, cry, all of the above. Don't act like you wouldn't either. I don't need to feel the air whipping my bald ass head when I'm that high up.

Flying is never easy to begin with. There's always some asshole on the flight doing something you don't like. You're sitting in this tube in the air uncomfortable but it's easier than driving 11 hours somewhere. The last thing I want to worry about is this. Just sitting there trying to catch up on a show and the goddamn door busting open. 

No shot I'm getting back on a plane any time soon if I'm one of these guys. I'm going John Madden and getting a sick ass bus to take me everywhere. Flying is one of those things, it just takes one nightmare situation like this to avoid doing. There are other ways to get around. Sure, flying cuts down on time. But if you have the money, the John Madden lifestyle is the way to do it. Just sleep on the bus, have someone else drive you around. Hell, I even know a driver: 

Terrifying man. No other way to say it.