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If You Want To Be A Kickboxing Ref, You Better Have A Jaw Made Out Of Concrete

This ref wakes up every single morning and pours himself a big ol' bowl of nails for breakfast. For lunch he tries to keep it light, maybe a Caesar salad and then he pays the extra $6 to add grilled nails. For dinner? It's nails parmesan. 

My man took this punch, was out for a half second, and then popped right back up. He might not know what day it is. He might not know where he's at. But this man has a job to do, and there's not a single damn thing that'll stop him from doing it. 

Could you imagine the chaos that would ensue if a baseball ump took that punch? Those soft sons of bitches will toss someone out of the game for exhaling too loud after a blown call. They'd probably try to hand out a death sentence if they accidentally got clocked like that. 

But not kickboxing refs. Hell, these dudes probably live for moments like this. A quick little trip to the shadow realm just to make them feel alive. We need to get this dude on a pair of skates and have him suit up as a linesman in the NHL. He was born to be a hockey ref.