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Inspiration: Veronika Rajek Says She Wants To Give Her Green Shirt To Whoever Wins The Green Jersey At The Tour de France

I don't know much about cycling besides Lance Armstrong was pretty good at it, steroids or not. What I do know is this is inspiration. The Tour de France is brutal. Just so much sitting on a bike and riding, I don't know how people do it. I don't mind riding a bike, but I'm talking when I was younger and having a Huffy or Mongoose was awesome. Seems like a fair trade. The jerseys these cyclists wear are tight fitting, so why not just go with it. 

She's smart though. You see, it's about marketing. It's about realizing you need to wear bright colors. She even says so here: 

Tour de France starts July 1 and ends July 23. Just an outrageous thing to be reminded about how long this thing goes. But now we have something to watch. We know about the yellow jersey, who gets the green one? There's too many colors to be honest. The yellow jersey is the leader for general classification - basically who is going the fastest. The green jersey is the points leader. There's a polka dot jersey for mountain climbing. The white jersey is for the leader who is 25 and younger. That's too many shirts. Gotta just have the yellow. 

Anyways, shout out Veronika Rajek for the genius idea: