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America's Gotta Fire Gregg Berhalter Right This Instant After Watching Gio Reyna And The USMNT Kick Canada And Mexico's Ass

Listen, everything about the last 4 days in terms of the players was awesome. An easy 3-0 ass kicking of Mexico, a 2-0 win over Canada to stop the stupid 'best team in CONCACAF' argument we kept hearing about Canada. Mind you that was a 2-0 win over Canada without Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie and Sergino Dest. Not bad at all. 

But it was all overshadowed by one incredibly stupid decision. Hiring Gregg Berhalter back. 

I know, I know. The guys all said how they are happy he's back (in interviews, take everything, no matter what is said with a slight grain of salt). But you know what Gregg was incapable of doing? Setting up the roster to attack the way they did the last two matches. He buried Gio Reyna who broke out that move above and a couple ho-hum assists: 

Gregg really couldn't find a spot for him at the World Cup? That guy? The guy who delivers set pieces. The guy who is as talented as anyone else on the roster? Sure. Let's bring back Gregg WHO HASN'T EVEN TALKED TO THESE GUYS: 

Reyna and Pepi are two of the key players of this group and you haven't talked to them? Wonderful. It just continues to not make sense. BJ Callaghan, the interim manager, set this roster up for success. He made watching US soccer fun because it was attack mode. Not just the same old bullshit we're used to. Hell, without McKennie and Adams in the midfield last night he moved Reyna into that holding spot more and let him create. It worked! 

Going into Nations League the biggest questions were probably: 1) who becomes the go-to center backs, 2) how does Flo look at the 9 spot and 3) the depth. All those questions were basically answered. Chris Richards looks like a lock to be one of the CBs pending injury for the next 4 years. Miles Robinson, who was one of our guys during qualifying before injury, looked good against Mexico before an injury. Flo got his goal and looked the part, Pepi came in and got his too. Those are our 9s going forward. 

Then the depth. I think it showed it's not just MLS bullshit anymore. Like I said, we didn't have McKennie, Dest and Adams against Canada. The only 'standard USMNT' move was Walker Zimmerman starting for Miles Robinson. Joe Scally came in and played damn good. Aaronson moved into the starting XI and still just flies around. You even had guys like Johnny Cardoso, Auston Trusty and Luca de la Torre get their run. These aren't MLS guys. 

I understand it's all CONCACAF, but you this is all a build up to Copa America in 2024. That's where we will see Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, etc. Mexico can't touch us anymore. At our best, Canada isn't close. But we need to contend against the South American teams. This group has enough talent to make a run at the World Cup - not be favorites or win it, but enough talent to advance in the knockout stage. 

I don't even care that we're partying asses off after winning: 

Now it's Gold Cup time. I still don't understand why we have these two tournaments within a week of each other, but whatever. We're sending our B team to that one, hopefully we get to see more of the young guys. But now we gotta fire Gregg. Let us keep BJ until we decide to fire him too. I'm not even anti-Gregg. He had some bright spots, but how can you watch the team without him and think he's the best option?