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Jordan Love Accidentally Wished All The Bears Fans a Happy Father's Day, Implying He Is Their Son

Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.

I'm rooting for Jordan Love to succeed. I'd love to be proven so very wrong that ignoring team needs and instead trading up for a quarterback in 2020 only to sit him for a few seasons was the right move. With Aaron Rodgers having moved onto New York, it's time for the Packers to see what the kid has got. 

With Love finally becoming the guy he's finding himself in front of the camera a whole lot more. Now there was never a word Aaron Rodgers spoke without having 100% intention and thought behind it. Well, today Jordan Love accidentally called Bears' fans his father. 

Yeah going from the Hall of Famer who owned every last inch of the Chicago Bears franchise to a dude who can't understand how to deliver a simple dig about them is tough. Not the greatest of starts here. Honestly, don't even love him attempting to talk shit without playing a single game against them. You got them week one on the road, beat them then and go nuts. Instead the kid tries to do too much and makes a fool of himself. Maybe this was someone behind the scenes thinking it would be funny. If so, can we tell the guy to do a second take? Just hanging the poor guy out to dry. 

There's going to be growing pains with a rookie, even if he's gonna turn 25 just a few months into his first season as a full time starter. Here's to praying his football IQ is way higher than his normal IQ.