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Hilariously Cruel Video of a Dad Dealing With His Two Sons At Fenway After One Of Them Chucked a Foul Ball Back Onto The Field

Father's Day is supposed to be a nice relaxing escape from real life for the dads out there. Some choose to golf, some just sit on the couch and enjoy a full day of US Open with a case of beer in the fridge, maybe binge some shows or movies in peace and quiet. and then there's others who head to the ball park. For this dad though, I don't think he had this nightmare in mind. In the blink of an eye he goes from some nice relief of his two kids lucking their way into a ball to then complete disaster. The younger brother just wanted to throw something and that he did. The oldest was hilariously beside himself. Dad's perfect day? Long gone. You don't wish those series of events on anyone. 

Something that popped into my head as well? The Yankees and Red Sox are playing a split doubleheader today because of the Friday rainout. If you are attending this first one that means you originally planned on going two days ago, not on Father's Day. Dad took one for the team taking the boys today just to make em' happy. 

Thankfully this shit show has a happy ending. The Red Sox did something right for a change and hooked them up. Day saved. What was once a tornado of hell for pops has turned into a day they'll never forget. Good stuff, Will Middlebrooks. 

 Also helps the Yankees don't know how to play baseball so they're gonna get all that merch and get to see a win. I'm gonna end up being way sadder today than these kids somehow.