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Travis Valenti Disappeared On Lake Crescent 2 Days After His Engagement- Please Help His Family Bring Him Home


I’m not a blogger by trade, the only things I’ve ever posted on here are links to Troopz live streams. Recently, a friend experienced a tragedy, and the situation seems dire. I’m hoping that shining a light on it may bring his family some closure. My buddy Austin Valenti has a brother Travis. The Valentis are good people. Long Island guys, blue collar, salt of the earth. On Wednesday June 7th, Travis proposed to his girlfriend Marlene while on a trip to Washington. Family and friends were elated. The two were a perfect match. 



That following Friday, Travis and Marlene were out on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park outside Seattle when Travis’ kayak began taking on water. He jumped from the boat and into the water, towards Marlene. Marlene attempted to get Travis out of the water and into her kayak, but that soon began to sink into the lake. With the two struggling to stay afloat, Travis gave Marlene a push towards shore and she safely made it to dry land. Tragically, Travis went under and has not been seen since. 

As of now, no search parties or dive teams have been able to go in the Lake to find Travis. 

The Valentis have been told by local authorities that there has been an application submitted to get in the water, but not until after The 4th of July. The family has been in contact with an additional dive team from Pennsylvania, who are currently en route with gear and are cleared to get in the water on the 20th. There is also a K9 task force team that will be deploying dogs on boats to possibly narrow the area down for divers and any machinery that can make the recovery. While there is solid support from local authorities and good samaritans across the country, it costs thousands of dollars a day to cover the expenses of the dive teams (fuel, machinery, etc). Austin has set up a GoFundMe, to cover the costs. Thankfully, people have assisted financially, but this money will be spent very quickly as soon as teams get on the water. 



If I know one thing about Stoolies, it’s that you guys will always rally behind a just cause and help where you can. If you are able to donate any amount of money, it will go a long way for this family. If you can’t donate, please spread Travis’ story. If you know anyone who is a trained diver or a member of rescue personnel on the West Coast, reach out and see if they are aware of the situation and are willing to help. The Valentis need someone to step up for them. There needs to be more light shed on this story. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now. Their celebration of the engagement met almost immediately with horrible tragedy. A brother, son, fiancé, and friend taken from them, without even the chance to say a proper goodbye. Lets help fund the dive, send the teams in, and give the Valenti’s the opportunity to search for their son, and bring Travis home.