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William Karlsson Went Out And Delivered The Greatest (Maybe Also Drunkest) Speech Ever At The Golden Knights Cup Parade

You want to hear a man speak straight from the heart? You want to see what his most pure and unfiltered thoughts are? Have him win a championship with the boys, get black out drunk during the championship parade, throw a mic in his hands and let him talk to the people. 

Wild Willy Karlsson just shot up the all-time power rankings of biggest beauties to ever grace the game after that speech. Just a guy who loves his team, he loves his fanbase, and he was pretty fuckin' great in that first year. 43 goals, 35 assists, one of the biggest reasons why Vegas was able to build up a massive fanbase right out of the gates in year 1. You don't win a Stanley Cup in just one game. Hell, you don't win a Stanley Cup in just one year. It takes years of building a team, building a culture, to get to a point where your squad can get the job done. Wild Bill laid the foundation, so now this man can do or say whatever the hell he wants for as long as he wants up on that stage. 

Shame on that lady for trying to cut his mic. William Karlsson could stand up there and drunkenly ramble for hours up there. The man has earned it. What a legend.