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BREAKING: Bob Huggins Is Expected To Resign As Head Coach At WVU, A Day After Reportedly Being Arrested For A DUI

And there it is. It felt inevitable after this report earlier today: 

I know all the reports say he's resigning but it's basically a firing. It also says that Huggins will retire. What a bizarre career for Huggins. The man turned UC into a consistent team in the 90s before that year at Kansas State and then coming home to WVU. From there he made a Final Four and finally made the Hall of Fame.

But it's the end of the career that's so bizarre. You have the radio incident, you have this DUI report. Mind you that WVU is bringing in the No. 1 transfer class in America and expected to be decent this season. Now it's late June and you're losing a coach like Huggins. 

This was expected, but still weird to see. Huggins has fought off retirement or anything like that for the last couple years. Now you have two newsworthy incidents and he's resigning. Again, felt inevitable, especially after his contract was changed to be year-to-year with WVU in power and this is how it ends.