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Bob Huggins Was Reportedly Arrested For A DUI In Pittsburgh After Blowing A .21, Had Beer Cans All Over His Car, And Thought He Was In Columbus

Good God, this report is brutal to say the least. Blowing a .21, empty cans in a trash bag, thinking he was in goddamn Columbus? All around crazy no matter how you look at it. Even crazier he used a receipt from Burger King to explain where he was. 

Anyways, strictly from a WVU standpoint I don’t know how Huggins survives this. He was basically on his last strike after the radio incident a month ago. They changed his contract to make it year-by-year and give WVU control. You can’t have an incident a month later like this and assume he keeps his job no matter what. 

If this is how Huggins career ends, man, just wild to think about. Dude came back home to WVU, took them to a Final Four and finally made the Hall of Fame. Hell, he has a big time transfer class coming in this year. 

Now we wait and see from WVU.