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Impossible to Butcher a Big Home Run Call More Than Karl Ravech Did Here Thinking Oral Roberts Had a Walk Off Homer In The Top of the 9th

There's really not much to say here because that's as bad as it gets. Jake Marsh watching at home probably melting on his couch in agony. Ravech with just no idea what was going on, what inning we were in, who was up, what his own name was. Completely all over the place. 

Just a bad, bad case of some brain worms for Karl. None of us are perfect by any means, but you can only hope your brain doesn't short circuit in a moment like that. What a bad feeling that's gotta be seeing the hitter round 3rd and no one is coming off the field. Tries to save it thinking TCU hit the homer only to further throw up on himself. 

By the way, Blaze Brothers is such an elite college baseball name. Awesome moment for him that he'll be able to look back on years from now with Karl Ravech convincing everyone it was in fact a walk off homer. Oral Roberts mounts this amazing four run 9th and no one cares anymore. Hey at least everyone is gonna see that clip today and know who he is, unfortunately not for the exact reason he'd imagine. 

At least he managed to get the final out right. What a win for the Golden Eagles to begin Omaha