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Michael Chandler Sounds Off On What He Claims To Be The Most Disrespectful Thing A Fighter Can Do In MMA

After meeting Michael Chandler and getting to chop it up with him for about 30 minutes or so it‘s impossible not to like him. Super nice guy. Might go as far as to call him a ”sweetheart”, which is ironic because he’s an absolute savage inside the cage. A man possessed that will throw himself into a fire fight that consists of nothing but pure violence. The kind of savagery that win or lose, will win over the hearts of MMA fans worldwide. 

We had a ton of laughs and talked a bunch of topics like The Ultimate Fighter, when he expects the McGregor fight to happen, coaching against McGregor and his interactions with him as opposed to what has been displayed on TV, his views on MMA sportsmanship, the difference between Bellator/UFC and a ton more. Check it out here on YouTube or available via audio on all podcast platforms!