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Rock, Flag And Eagle: Weston McKennie With A Ripped Jersey Mocking Mexico Is Everything That's Great About USA Soccer

I'm going to have something more on this match later on, but for now, I wanted to get something up on Weston McKennie. This right here? This makes you forget about the Gregg news. This right here is why we're a better soccer country than Mexico. This right here is why Weston McKennie can play for us every single goddamn match he doesn't get a bullshit red card. First he stood up for the new guy Flo. Second, he didn't back down from shit. Third, the ripped jersey and kissing the crest is iconic, ICONIC, for USA soccer in this rivalry. 

Oh a red card for putting his hands on someone? That's called defense. That's called not letting Mexico attack our new star player and trying to start shit because they can't beat us. Weston McKennie is an enforcer for us, he's a soccer motherfucker and that's what we need. Mexico wanted to make the game physical and try to play dirty? Fine. We're going to beat you at that. 

It's tres a cero with a few minutes left and Mexico is still trying to make it a fight. Like I said, more on the match tomorrow, but for now, Weston McKennie in a ripped jersey kissing the crest is what makes this team great. We need a guy like McKennie.