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The Rivalry Is Dead: Christian Pulisic Got So Bored Kicking Mexico's Ass (Again), He Started Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors On The Field

That's it. The rivalry is dead. Mexico is nothing to us anymore. They can't even compete with us anymore. We got so bored with Dos a Cero we turned it into Tres a Cero: 

This game wasn't even that close. 3-0 sounds nice compared to what we saw. We finally saw an ideal lineup, an attacking lineup. You know, something Gregg didn't give us. We had Flo up top with Weah and Pulisic around him. We had Musah in the holding spot with Gio and McKennie there. It was perfect and it paid off. Why? Because we attacked the entire game. Everyone looked comfortable the entire game because of the roles. More importantly, Captain America showed up. 

All Pulisic does is score against Mexico and rip their hearts out. It's glorious. The Dos a Cero celebration with McKennie was iconic until McKennie did this:  

And don't get me wrong it was an ugly game because Mexico and the ref made it an ugly game. The ref had zero control. Red cards for McKennie and Dest for protecting themselves and the team. A yellow card for Pulisic for handing off the Captain's armband? Pathetic. I want this ref face to face right now. I'm still fired it up about it because as of now we are playing Canada without Dest and McKennie. 

But no matter how much Mexico wanted to make this a fight, they still lost. We still had Pepi make the right decision to join the USA and get the third: 

I don't care that Mexico stinks. I want them to stink. They are a rival in the sense of these teams hate each other and I cheer for the red, white and blue baby. Canada is the rival now on a talent level. Hey, I know it wasn't the best night. I still don't get this move: 

But this team has talent. We have talent up top, we have talent in the midfield. Matt Turner is a damn good keeper. Chris Richards looked awesome in the center back spot. I'm not saying we're winning the World Cup, just that this USA team and this version of USA soccer is talented. That showed tonight. 

Dos a Cero is dead. The rivalry is dead. Tres a Cero is the new standard to beat Mexico.