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New Jersey Little League Comes Up With New Rule, Suspends Parents Who Yell At Umpires Until They Do The Job Themselves

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Deptford, NJ -- One Little League in New Jersey is taking a hands-on approach. Its target: those watching 10- and 11-year-olds play baseball who curse at the volunteers behind the plate.

...It specified: Any spectator deemed in violation would be banned from the complex until three umpiring assignments were completed. If not, the person would be barred from any Deptford youth sports facilities for a year.

This might be it. This might just be the thing that fixes America and brings us back to where we need to be. 

It's so simple, yet so perfect. For far too long, parents and unruly fans were just gigantic pieces of shit towards umps and referees in other youth sports. You have some 14-year-old kid officiating a game between a bunch of 9-year-olds, and Tommy's dad decides to treat it like game 7 of the World Series after polishing off his 9th beer before 8am. They'd yell and scream at these volunteer umpires as if literally anything that happens in that game is going to have a direct impact on anybody's life. Something needed to be done to curb that behavior. 

But over the past few years, everybody has gotten so goddamn sensitive. If you say one wrong thing to the wrong person, you're cancelled. You'll have a thousand people calling for you to get fired from your job because you said "what are you, fucking blind?" to little Johnny the umpire without realizing how triggering that is to the blind community. 

Society went from being just a little too harsh to incredibly oversensitive in the blink of an eye. This new rule in the Deptford Little League might be exactly what we need to find a balance somewhere in the middle. 

You want to be a complete and total prick to volunteer umpires? That's fine, just as long as you're willing to step behind the plate and do the job yourself a few times. See how you like it. See how you enjoy getting berated by Tristan's dad who is just pissed off at the world because he knows his wife is sleeping with her spin instructor. You're not going to get cancelled and lose your job over it, but you're also not going to be allowed to just come back next week as if nothing ever happened. It's a little thing called accountability. Something we've been lacking in society for years now. Time to bring it back, and turns out this little league is the one to lead the charge.