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The New Kardashians Season Is Giving Us a Whole Lot of Nothing

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Today Amanda Hirsch, aka Not Skinny But Not Fat on IG, stopped by the studio to talk everything from Tom Sandoval to Sofia Richie to not believing PR relationships are a thing.

And then came the topic of the new Kardashians season on Hulu. We (mostly Fran and I) had a lot to say. Kim and Khloe's backs must be aching- they're carrying the entire show. Khloe opens up about the transactional feel of surrogacy and Kim gives as many details about her divorce from Kanye as she can without being harmful to their kids.

And then we get to Kendall and Kylie. On the latest episode Kendall attempted to teach Kylie how to drive stick for what felt like half the episode. Real riveting stuff. The family’s control on what airs and what doesn't has clearly grown to a level that has whittled away the very content that made the whole thing go. You think if Scott punched a mirror on camera that would ever make it to air today? Hell no.

It's safe to say the fast forward button is working overtime for people watching. Don't just give us fluff and promote the newest thing you want us to buy, ladies. If you don't want to give the people what they want, don't be a part of the show.

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