I May Be Childish But This John Sterling And Blackbox Mashup Made Me Laugh And I Want It To Be The Song Of The Summer

Maybe I'm a child. Maybe I'm old that every once in a while I still listen to terrestrial radio. Maybe I'm a WFAN Mongo at heart and John Sterling and all his weird behaviors are right up my wheelhouse, but whatever the case may be... this video checks all the boxes and I laughed my ass off. 

If you are unfamiliar, John Sterling is the radio voice of the NY Yankees and has done it since the diamond had dirt, or at least it feels that way. He's essentially a cartoon character. Him and Suzyn Waldman are like the elderly couple you overhear at the diner and are annoying yet entertaining. Over the years they have both had insane moments in the booth. Waldman still cracks me up when she thought Roger Clemens coming back was like a man landing on the moon.

Sterling has 50 different things you can make fun of.The fact he messes up everything and just brushes it off.

His asinine Home Run calls 

Or his over the top Yankees win call complete with choreography

Full blown cartoon character, and one of the craziest moments to date came over the weekend when he was hit with a foul ball in the booth. 

As a Yankee hater, and a MONGO through and through this was like Christmas. An absolute character like Sterling gets hit with a foul ball, and does an OW OW OW like a 6 year old in an early youtube video getting bit by a dog. I laughed 5006060 times. Absolute comedy. 

So when I saw this TikTok it was right up my alley, and made me laugh all over again. Now I don't know if this is going to play real well at The Summit in Iowa City, or wherever the hell Paul With An Agenda is Summering these days, but in NYC this bumps. I wouldn't be surprised if some local dj's work it into there mixes. It's the summer… let's have some fun and laugh at an old man getting hit with a foul ball while dancing to a remix at a bar. What more can you ask for ? 

PS- This subway series has absolutely no juice. Both teams stink out loud.