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Miami Wants To Be Philly So Bad, Loses 2 Sports Championships Over The Span Of 24 Hours

Philadelphia has it all. World class food, great bars, a ton of history, culture, character, and all the sports teams you could possibly ask for. Granted, the crime is rampant and the city is run by incompetent ass hats. But Philadelphia is truly the heart and soul of America. It's what separates us from the rest of the world. So naturally every other city would want to emulate Philly. It's a copycat league, after all. 

So here comes Miami trying to copy our shit line for line. It was just a few months ago that Philadelphia set a world record for the first city to lose 2 sports championships in the same day. 

The Philadelphia Union lost in the MLS Cup Finals to LAFC after having the lead in the 124th minute. That game wrapped up around 7pm on November 5, 2022. Just a few short hours later, the Houston Astros took out the Philadelphia Phillies in game 6 of the World Series. 

Now obviously the Miami Heat and Florida Panthers didn't lose on the exact same day. But they were still within 24 hours of each other. Actually it was almost 24 hours to the exact minute. No city had ever lost 2 major sports championships in the same day before Philadelphia did it, and now all of a sudden Miami wants to lose 2 of them 24 hours apart from each other. I'm sorry but that's just way too specific to be coincidence. 

Keep in mind that Philadelphia later went on to become the first city to lose 3 championships in 99 days after the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl to Kansas City. 

Now I don't believe there are any major team championships scheduled to happen between now and 99 days from today. That would put us at September 21st. But don't be surprised if the Marlins find their way to the World Series this year and lose in devastating fashion. Miami wants to be Philly so bad right now it hurts.