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National Title, Heisman, Beat Michigan? Nope, Marvin Harrison Jr. Says His #1 Goal This Season Is To Make The Big 10 Title Game So He Can Play In Indianapolis Like His Dad Did

Am I turning from the biggest Ohio State homer to a hater in the blink of an eye? I personally think this quote is the second one that I've come across in as many days that should not be said right now within the Ohio State football program. First, Gene Smith said the Michigan game was "just one game" and now Marvin Harrison Jr. is saying that his #1 goal this year is to play in Indianapolis. 

Listen, before you all call me heartless or stupid, I want to make a couple things clear:

#1. I understand the sentiment of what that moment would mean. It would be very, very special for him to play on the field that he literally grew up watching his Dad play on.

#2. Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best wide receiver I've ever seen in my entire life, so I hate that I'm blogging in a negative light about him right now. But that is my job: give you my thoughts on stories revolving around the Buckeyes.

#3. I give Marv 10000x more of the benefit of the doubt than I give Gene Smith. Marvin is a kid and I am also aware that ultimately to play in Indy, we will likely have to beat Michigan, BUT ---

#4 and most importantly: THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE SAID RIGHT NOW. Not when Michigan is on the verge of beating us for the 3rd straight time. I don't care if your Dad played on the moon and we have a chance to play in outer space as well, all sentiment gets thrown out the window when you've lost to them not once but two years in a row. And Marvin is 0-2 vs them! He's not an incoming freshman! He should have a burning passion inside of him right now, not to play in Indy, not to win the Heisman, not to go #1 overall in next year's draft, but to do one thing: Beat Michigan.

I truly blame Ryan Day. These boys should be classically conditioned by now that there is ONLY one goal this year: Beat Michigan. 

Check me if I'm wrong, please. But I'm right. We have become Michigan of the last 15 years. There's more important things on our mind than beating Michigan, and it's shown each of the last two Novembers.