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Dudes Rock: Guy Makes Oreo Ice Cream Using The Wheels Of His Truck

At no point of this video did I understand what the fuck was going on. There's cranking ice cream and then there's whatever this is. Bro paid $15 worth of gas to go take the wheels out for a spin to make some Oreo ice cream that you could just get at Baskin Robbins but I love this move. Just so wildly unnecessary but dudes rock so therefore this video does too. Imagine driving down the street and seeing this dude in a truck just wheeling around a fucking Gatorade jug and turns out it's literally ice cream? Ninja Creamis do exist for a reason, and I'm going to watch this back 100 more times and still not understand how he's doing it. Are you supposed to use raw eggs? And why does it actually look pretty damn good? 

Hey babe, you want to hop in the truck and get some ice cream? Whole time it's what looks like a mix of Bradley Martyn, Travis Kelce, and Aaron Rodgers hopping in his Ram TRX and getting those bad boys spinning. The dirty tools was a little crazy, but you'd ingest way worse germs one drunken night down the shore anyway. If I had a truck this is the last thing I'm doing, but shoutout to this guy for the cool party trick at the next country wedding.