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WATCH: Tennessee's Chase Burns Came In Throwing 102 MPH And Went Absolutely Batshit Crazy As He Sent The Vols To Omaha

Chase Burns got me absolutely fired the fuck up last night. The Vols' sophomore Friday night starter-turned-closer came into Game 3 of the Hattiesburg Super Regional in the seventh inning with runners on the corners and one out. Burns struck out the two batters he faced in the frame, pumping 102 MPH fastballs by the Golden Eagles and then came off the mound with a level of energy I'm not sure I've ever seen before from any pitcher.

Look at this guy:

Burns does not stop screaming for the entire 17 seconds of that video. The throat slash. Hurling his glove at the bench. Everything about this is the definition of electricity.

I was a little worried that he wouldn't be on top of his game when he came out for the eighth after coming off that incredible high, but Burns finished off the shutout with two more scoreless innings to send Tennessee to the College World Series. GOAT.