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A Look Back At A Memorable Season Of Trusting The Data

It all started on October 18th with a Joel Embiid OVER 3.5 assist prop. There was a high variance in his assists vs. Boston from the year prior and it was a great value at +120. I made it my daily prop and pledged to my one pick every day that NBA basketball games were played for the entire season. I never went over one pick and never went under. It was an absolute grind but had so many great memories along the way. Here are some of my favorites:

We started off red hot going 6-0 out of the gates, but couldn't have gotten there without Scottie Barnes getting a miracle rebound on a Kevin Durant missed free throw with only a handful of seconds left.

There were plenty of bumps along the way and I came a long way from just tweeting the @NBA handle if I needed a correction.

*This one had a happy ending but also got me kicked off a slack group chat I probably should've never been in the first place with $Penn trying to get a Marcus Morris 3-pointer corrected at 11pm on a Friday night.

There was the Mikal Bridges Philly homecoming finish where he scored 6 points in the final few minutes of garbage time.

And while it was a slog, there are so many things I'll miss. 

I'll miss LaMelo Ball just chucking 3s with reckless abandon.

I'll miss Canadian-born RJ Barrett dominating on MLK day.

I'll miss Prop of the Month (4-1). *Only loss was cause Steve Kerr went back on his word and changed his starting lineup after promising not to.

But you can't be mad at a coach that just greenlights Steph to just let it fly whenever, even when he's supposed to run the clock out.

I'll miss betting on guys like Andrew Nembhard who casually just blow up in the 4th Quarter and turn a loss into a win.

I'll miss the rush of a prop you researched your ass off hitting late in the 4th Quarter.

So while I also have memories like Giannis ruining my Christmas by not passing enough, sitting through Hornets vs. Pistons on my birthday to see if P.J. Washington hits 2 3-pointers, and watching Jayson Tatum get 3 assists in the first 3 minutes and not get 2 more the rest of the game while sitting next to my son in the hospital (he's ok, was a one night scare), I wouldn't change it. It was a great season. Thank you to everybody who rode from the beginning and thank you to anyone that took just one pick. We'll be back next season with a slightly different plan (not every single day, maybe more than one pick/night on some nights), with alt-lines available all season - better odds (average pick this year was -111), but it's time to recharge and start researching for football season.

*I also found an error on my excel sheet where a win was graded as a loss, we actually finished:

120-92 (56.6%) +15.65 units if you bet 1 unit every game this season (including prop of the month)

If I made you money this season, the picks are always free, I don't take tips. The only thing you can do to support is order a hat which I would greatly appreciate.

Lastly, very special shoutout to my family who put up with me watching insanely irrelevant basketball games for the people and my brand. Especially my wife whose patience and unwavering support made all of this possible.