The Madison Mallards Might Be The Hottest Baseball Team In America After Introducing A 67-Ounce Beer

Now this is how you get people out to the ballpark for a collegiate summer league baseball game. Just put almost an entire six-pack into one cup.

This makes your night so much easier. One trip to the concession stand on the way to your seat and you have 67 ounces of beer for the next nine innings. Now I will say there is definitely a trade-off in the temperature of your ideally frosty beverage in exchange for getting six of them at once, but nothing in this world is free. This would definitely be more practical at a big league game — if you exclude whatever outrageous price it would be — where you're saving a collective half-hour of waiting in lines by getting the boot at the start of the ballgame, but the novelty is still great in Madison.

The only way this idea could have been made better is with a couple more ounces thrown in there, but the powers that be shut down what would have been an all-time promo. Sad.