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Anyone Afraid Of The Ocean Look Away, A Bear Is Seen Swimming In Florida Waters

NY Post- It must have been an un-bear-ably hot day in Florida.

Beachgoers in Destin were treated to the jaw-dropping sight of a black bear cub splashing in the surf to cool off Sunday, when midday temperatures were in the 80s.

Social media lit up with videos showing the grizzly holidaymaker enjoying a dip in the Gulf of Mexico’s refreshing blue waters, before emerging onto a crowded beach.

“It’s a bear!” some people are heard exclaiming in shock.

Eyewitness Chris Barron, who shared one of the viral videos documenting the forest critter’s beach adventure, tweeted: “A bear just swam from way out in the ocean to shore in Destin. Insane.”

I got to go back to my buddy Paul who whenever we went to the beach together, would look out at everyone else splashing around, swimming, having a catch, or riding waves etc and say "You guys are out there laughing and joking... you know there's sharks in there right? " Well update the logs, and I guess the reason for Paul to never want to go past his knees in the water, because there are also bears in the water. 

What a nightmare. I'm never freaked out by the water or let sharks and stingrays and jellyfish freak me out, and I'm in no way a good swimmer , but this might be enough to sway me to stay on the sand. What are we talking about here? A Bear for God's sakes. Nightmares. 

And look at this idiots standing essentially right next to it. Are you insane? No really are you insane? How on earth do you think that can be a wise decision? Did you really need a close enough look at a bear? Did you have to get close get a better look at it ? Did you think you would be able to touch it? Nutcases. You have to be a maniac to get near that thing. 

Lastly, of course this happened in Florida. Everything wacky, or where I think how on earth could that happen... Florida. For a state with such perks like weather, and nightclubs, tax breaks, etc ... it also has the most insane things go on. Bears in the ocean ... whats next a flying shark? Florida baby ... nothing like it.