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'He Drinks Everything' - Julian Alvarez, With The Simple Yet Perfect Reasoning Why Nobody Is Better At Celebrating Titles Than Jack Grealish

I would say I'm worried about Jack Grealish surviving this current bender, but come on. The man is made to celebrate titles. I said the same about Matthew Stafford when he was shit canned during the Rams Super Bowl, because that man went to Georgia in the 2000s. He knows how to party. I don't know if he holds a candle to Grealish. The dude hasn't slept in days, which apparently included a quick 10 hour pit stop to party in Ibiza on the way home: 

Let me tell you something, there's no doubt they partied for 10 hours because this is how Grealish looked getting off the plane: 

I'd say you gotta go buddy system with the real life Jamie Tartt, but nobody on Man City can hang with Grealish. Alvarez sums it up perfectly, he drinks everything. Good. That's what you should do after you win something. You spend your whole life training, dieting, everything else and when you reach the top you should celebrate like it. Who cares about what people say? Party your ass off when you win. 

Oh and how's he doing currently? Shirtless, naturally. 

Good to see he's at least showered once and changed out of his uniform:

Can't wait to see him grab a mic again this year. Let him talk unfiltered. 

PS: Having Oasis as a go-to song is a bigger cheat code than Grealish, KDB and Haalang