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It Should Be Against The Law For The Vegas Golden Knights To Win The Stanley Cup Without Dressing Phil Kessel For At Least One Game

David Becker. Getty Images.

The Vegas Golden Knights are now just one (1) win away from winning their first Stanley Cup. A team that came into the league just 6 seasons ago is now just 60 minutes away from winning the most prized trophy in hockey. And they can get it done as soon as tomorrow night. 

But I'm here to call malarkey. I'm sounding the alarms and putting the whole damn Finals under protest if these bastards don't do what's right and dress Phil Kessel for at least one game during this series. 

The KessDawg hasn't played since game 4 of the first round against Winnipeg. And sure, maybe the lineup change has been working for them. But without trying to disrespect William Carrier, it sure as shit isn't because he's in the lineup over Phil the Thrill. He had a goal in a 4-0 win over Dallas in game 3, a goal in a 6-0 win over Dallas in game 6, and then had 2 assists in a 7-2 win against Florida in game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final. It's not like the Golden Knights would be on the golf course right now if it weren't for William Carrier's on-ice production. 

But think about where Vegas would be right now without 2x Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel in the locker room. 

A couple of goals and a few assists can't replicate what ol' Philly Boy brings to the table. The guy goes to Pittsburgh and they win a Cup in each of his first two seasons with the team. The guy goes to Vegas and now they're one win away from winning their first Cup. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern. If you want to win a Cup, you bring Phil Kessel onto your roster. But it's an absolute sham is they don't dress him for game 5 here. Because Phil Kessel deserves to celebrate winning his 3rd Stanley Cup with his uniform on. Not in a suit. Unless you let him just hang out in some sweatpants and give him a few beers during the game. Then he might take that option. But other than that, DRESS KESS!