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Nobody Is Having A Better Weekend Than Jack Grealish - Partying At 5am While Still Wearing His Jersey From The Champions League Final

This isn't shocking by any means, but it's also hilarious. Jack Grealish had zero desire to shower, change out of his jersey or anything of that nature. He had beers to drink. He had songs to sing. The fact he was able to smoothly - relative term - get up and down in that video is the most shocking part. You know he hasn't slept. You know he hasn't done anything but party after Man City won the Champions League and completed the Treble yesterday. We saw it a year ago with Grealish: 

The man loves to have a good time. Hard to argue, especially when you're that fucking good too. Catchy song. Gotta give him that. Simple, can sing it over and over again plus you have the giant goal scorer right behind you. Good luck any other fan saying something when Haaland is just standing behind Grealish. Rule 1 as a short guy - have a tall friend. Gotta have one. 

All I know is 1) this hangover is going to be brutal and 2) he's just delaying it. Can't let the hangover hit if you don't stop. Vet move. Probably can go a couple more days and then worry about dealing with falling asleep in the shower on Thursday. Maybe the hangover doesn't even hit. All I know is if you're still in full kit from the Champions League final at 5am, you're feeling no pain.