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A Family In California Found One MILLION Pennies While Cleaning Out Their Dead Dad's House

Ok Iet's be honest with each other before we begin: I thought 1,000,000 pennies was more than $10K and so did you. It's not like this family found a life changing amount of money here, but they sure did find a life changing amount of work to do.

My first question is this: how does a man acquire 1,000,000 pennies? I have been thinking about this for about 15 minutes now, written the rest of the blog, came back to it and I still don't have an answer for you. My guy was either swimming in the Wishing Fountains each night for 60 years, or, yeah I literally don't know what else he could've been doing.

My next question is this: what do you do with 1,000,000 pennies? Definitely can't take it to CoinStar cause those motherfuckers are taking 8% off the top right away. And if you pay someone minimum wage to roll these up for you, you're losing money in the end because that shit would take forever. And would a bank even take a million pennies? I'm pretty sure pennies are just like the guy who left them: dead.

Which I guess brings me to my next question: would you rather find one million pennies or not find one million pennies? I think there's very valid points to be made either way. A true prisoner's dilemma. A good social experiment.

But it's hilarious to me that the family is trying to play it off like it's not the money value that determines the value of these pennies, it's how COOL it is!

“The value is in the uniqueness,” Reyes told KTLA, and taking less than their full value would go against the ideals of his father-in-law.

Lmfaoooo. The value is in the value, Mr. Reyes. No one in their right mind is paying MORE than the value for them. They're fucking pennies! They literally have a value assigned to them. This is like getting a $50 gift card to a store that you would never shop at. You just gotta unload it to someone that would use it for less than face value, and you both go home winners.