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A Teenager Is Being Sued For $500K For Making A TikTok Of Licking Other People's Sushi

Does anyone know the rules of what I'm allowed to say on here in terms of how I think this kid should be punished? Because if I'm allowed to say that this kid should be given the electric chair for sitting next to a conveyor belt and licking communal sushi and soy sauce bottles as they go by, then that is my stance on the issue. If I am not, then I retract and think we should send him to counseling where he learns how to better handle being a psychotic terrorist with no regards for human life. 

Seriously, how many times do we need to see shit like this happen before we quit with the arrests and the fines and finally just fucking kill someone? We had the ice cream lickers go viral during Covid #19, then we had people spitting in drinks and putting them back on the shelves, and now we've got assholes licking sushi that someone else is about to eat. And if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: you just gotta make an example out of one dumbass kid and the world will be back in order. But until we truly punish a kid, then they're going to continue to be terrorists and cause havoc in the world for the Almighty Like on social media. 

Now, I will say this: $500,000 is a lot of money. Jeff Nadu would need to work three years just to pay that back! So I don't hate that we're upping the punishment here. From my quick research of the previous blogs on this site about people doing shit like this, it looks like this is substantially more serious of a punishment than we've ever had before (if he actually loses the lawsuit).

I do think it's funny that I found a blog back from 2019 titled, "What Kind Of Punishment Would Stop These Kids From Spitting In Drinks And Putting Them Back On The Shelves?" and the #1 comment was "Make them watch Wine Walk with Liz". That made me laugh.